Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Cost of Travel

The Cost of Travel

I hate travelling, so I don’t.  As it turns out a great deal of the savings I’ve accrued over the years are due to my lack of wanderlust.  I am continually stunned by the amount of travelling that people do and the thousands of dollars that they spend every year.

The term staycation has crept into everyone’s consciousness lately.  If you Google it, you’ll find people offering staycation ideas.  I find that quite funny.  Perhaps I can retain someone who can offer me tips on how to not travel.  For me, the vacation was that I didn’t have to go to work.  I could sleep in, have a leisurely cup of coffee, go for a walk, stay up late.  Now that I’ve left the world of work behind, I do that every day now. 

However, while I was working – and I had some vacation time coming, rather than spend $1,000 or more on a trip, I would stay home and purchase something that would provide me some enjoyment during my time off and beyond.  I would aim for something in the $3-500 range.  It was usually something related to technology.  So, think games consoles and games, computers – stuff like that.

As I said, I don’t work anymore – and I financed it, in part, by not going on vacation.  I look around me and I’m surrounded by all of the things I purchased instead of taking those trips.  So, I guess being born without wanderlust has its benefits. 

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