Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alternatives to Thrift Store Furniture

Alternatives to Thrift Store Furniture

Frugal furniture can be a real challenge.  Even if you decide to build it yourself, that can take time, expertise and frequently the cost of materials can make it less than viable.  Thrift store furniture is an obvious option, but you have to watch those stores like a hawk because the good stuff gets snapped up immediately.  When you arrive there’s typically only a couple of couches and chairs left – and they’re not worth writing home about.

The selection at the for-profit used stores is always better and so is the quality, but the prices are going to be considerably more than you’ll find at a thrift store.

Two wonderful alternatives to these choices address all of the above issues: selection; quality and price.  The first is the used office furniture market.  These are typically huge stores, frequently in industrial parks.  There isn’t much of a showroom, instead it’s like hunting through a hoarder’s garage.   But the quality of the tables, wall-units, waiting room chairs and couches make this a marvelous alternative to thrift stores.  You’ll find the prices only slightly higher and the selection is dizzying.

The second alternative is the used hotel furniture market.  It’s wing chair heaven.  There aren’t a lot of dining tables, but there’s no shortage of dining chairs, floor lamps, table lamps, armoires, coffee tables and off course – beds and bedframes.  Just like the with office furniture market, the selection is vast, the quality is great and the prices are only slightly higher than what you’d find at the thrift store.

So, if you’re needing to freshen up the look of your place, but you want to do it the frugal way – consider these two alternatives.


  1. My Friends Here is a Tool I use to find almost anything I want or need....I place a add on Craigs list in the wanted section....You be surprised @ what good deals can be found...Last purchase a 100 lb propane tank...New a little over $100....Got one @ $30 in nice shape and deleivered to my house(met the gal @ a gas station near my house) Plus many time I go through the "wanted" ads and find that I have a unwanted item that I will get rid of help some other Frugal person and put a couple of Unfounded bucks in my pocket....

  2. Hi Frank:

    Thanks for the tip. Lot's of great deals on Craigslist.