Monday, February 27, 2012

You and Your Freezer Should Spend Some More Time Together

You and Your Freezer Should Spend Some More Time Together

In an earlier post I talked about the importance of having a chest freezer around and how you should cook things in advance and save them in meal sized containers.  Well as it turns out there are people out there on the Web who’ve written quite extensively about how this should best be accomplished.  So, I thought I’d provide a few helpful links to people who might be interested in getting the most out of their freezer.

  •   Freezer Meal Recipes Master List - This is absolutely incredible!  The recipes are broken down by category (chicken, pork, fish etc).  There is information on techniques, and as a bonus, there is even a section on which foods don’t freeze well.
  •   Freezer Tips from the Hillbilly Housewife – Some nice ideas for a whole range of frugal make-ahead meals.
  •   The Frugal Freezer Mom – Yep, an entire blog devoted to make-ahead meals and using your freezer to improve your lifestyle.
  •   Frugal Families has a very nice collection of tips and recipes for make-ahead deep freeze meals.
  •   Low Cost Living – is a site from the UK with some great recipes that go a bit beyond the usual lasagna and chili dishes.  Here you’ll find recipes for onion bhajis and butternut squash soup.  It’s great to see a little culinary adventure out there!

So, it’s not just me.  The deep freeze is a fabulous tool for saving your household time and money.

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