Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Wonders of Cable TV

The Wonders of Cable TV

So, this is going to be more than a little contrarian, but that’s the whole point of this blog.  Cable TV shouldn’t be something high on your list to cut, when you’re trying to economize. 

Now, when I say cable, I’m including satellite services and anybody else that provides content to your TV.  The reason is quite simple, cable TV can provide a quite luxurious level of entertainment at a very low cost.  That is, provided that you follow 2 basic rules:

Continually review your channel line-up and get rid of anything you don’t watch on a regular basis;

No  pay-per-view – ever.

The pay-per-view thing is pretty obvious.  By all means get a movie channel or two and then just wait a few weeks until the new movies arrive.

That luxurious level of entertainment I was talking about – let’s dig into that one a bit further.  Say your cable bill is pretty high -$150 per month.  That means that for $3 per day, your entire family can enjoy an at home an entertainment experience that could cost $50.00 if you were to go out.

And it’s the going out that gets us in the end.  Visit friends and have friends visit you (and your first rate cable package), but as soon as you step into the multiplex or the sports bar the costs come in multiples of that $3 per day.

So, enjoy the flat screen and your cable package, just like you did before.  Except now you can be a little smug about how incredibly thrifty you are.

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